Update on Development!

Sorry that it has been awhile since my last update, RL has been eventful to say the least, but the team and I have been working very hard on the new version! Here and just a few of the details about the next version!!

Build Details and Core Features

  • EFT Client Version 12.11.14678
  • Content from previous versions of AE have been imported, some have been re-worked.
  • New Equipment Slot – Tactical Belt
  • Modified AI from previous versions
  • Completely new AI for “The Punisher”
  • Modifications to AI loadouts
  • Language translations – English, Russian, French, and German
  • Massive amount of new clothing options
  • Massive amount of new armor, rigs, and helmets
  • Massive amount of new vanity gear (face covers)
  • Overhauled AI spawning and patrolling system
  • New Server management and firewalls, including cluster servers
  • Completely new structure! NO MORE MELON LOADER!

New Weapons

  • SCAR-H (7.62x51mm) Assault Rifle
  • SCAR-L (5.56x45mm) Assault Rifle
  • Famas (5.56x45mm) Assault Rifle
  • L85A2 (5.56x45mm) Assault Rifle
  • RPK (7.62x39mm) Light Machine Gun
  • SVD (7.62x54R) Sniper Rifle
  • Vepr-12 (12 Gauge) Shotgun
  • Desert Eagle (.50AE and .44Mag) Pistol
  • SIG SG552 Commando (5.56x45mm) Assault Rifle
  • CZ Scorpion Evo 3 (9x19mm, 9x21mm) Sub-Machine Gun
  • AN-94 (7.62x39mm) Assault Carbine
  • CMMG 45 (11.43x23mm) Sub-Machine Gun
  • Mac 11 (9x19mm) Sub-Machine Gun
  • Mini-14 (5.56x45mm) Assault Carbine
  • Changes to B93R
  • Changes to Piedmont Vintorez

A few pictures from the new build

Not all of these features and equipment will be available from the first release, but these are all planned to be included.

Massive thanks to the entire AE team and the supporters of the project! There will be an early access version available to Patreon subscribers very soon!!

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4 thoughts on “Update on Development!

  1. Can’t wait.

    One question; will AI still target players through foliage? This made the game extremely unforgiving on wooded maps and my friend and I were never sure if this was intended or not.

    1. That was fixed in 2.1.0. Bots should fire in the area they last saw you if you run into foliage, but can no longer see you through it.

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