Update Information

Current Version – 1.8.1

Altered Escape “The Punisher”

  • Introducing Frank Castle as “The Punisher”! Hearing rumors from traders, there is a new combatant in the Norvinsk region, he has shown up to protect civilians and hold BEAR and USEC accountable for countless civilian deaths.
  • The Punisher comes with a unique set of equipment including, a modified Slick Plate Carrier with the iconic Punisher Skull on the chest and a mask with the Punisher Skull.
  • Updates to bot script, including spawning, waves, and difficulties.
  • Updates to Arsenal to include new models, sound effects, and update for 12.9. So far this includes the AK-9, Honey Badger, Vintorez AR, tons of additional mods, gear, and other parts.