Progress report – 06/13/2021

Since patch 2.0.4, we’ve made tremendous progress! Implemented two HUGE features for Altered Escape and fixed some other glaring issues we were facing.

First thing, complete overhaul of the traders and flea market. The traders are now more dynamic, their inventories have random stock and can be sold out. They will restock and change dynamically! This is shown below

As everyone knows, the flea market is way overpowered in JET. So, we have worked on a flea market limitation and lockdown! In the next version of AE, the flea market can only be accessed by using a keycard! This keycard will give you access to the flea market for 5 mins, so you’ll have to get in there and buy items quickly before your time runs out and you’ll need to get another key!

These two huge features were created and implemented by King and c0pyright! Absolutely amazing work you guys!

The next huge feature is the DLS or Dynamic Loadout System. This system will effect every AI in the game, scavs, PMCs, Bosses, etc! The DLS has three configurations for players to choose, as shown below.

“dynamic”: true/false – This setting will allow the AI loadouts to correspond to the random level they are given during generation. Meaning, if a bot is assigned the level 52, his loadout will reflect that of a level 52!

“levelcap”: true/false – This setting will set the AI loadouts to correspond to your players level. This will set a max level to the AI during generation. Meaning, you will no longer be encountering enemies that are above the level bracket you are in!

This feature was created and implemented by Kovacs, c0pyright, and PieShade!

The final feature that is being worked on is the boss spawning fixes. Bosses in JET/AE do not spawn properly and are very inconsistent and our amazing PieShade has identified and fixed the issues with the bosses! Examples shown below

We are all very excited to bring these fantastic features out to you!! We really appreciate all the support and hope you guys are enjoying Altered Escape!

Much love from all of us / Altered Escape Team

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