Patch Notes

Version 2.0.3

  • Added gamma container to BEAR profile
  • Various quests fixed and updated
  • All barters up to date with live
  • Basic structure for dynamic inventory added

Version 2.0.2

  • Easy difficulty added
  • Fixes/Updates to all barter traders to match retail (by c0pyright)
  • Updates to quests (by PieShade and c0pyright)
  • Fixes and additions to Nugent – Added a few things to level 2 – Added new clothes from Nugent
  • Reverted PMCs back to switching from scavs
  • Changed skill gain rate – Overall from 0.4 to 1.0 – Weapon skills changed to 2.0
  • Changes to bot waves across all maps
  • Minor adjustments to scav loadouts
  • Basic Cultists added

Version 2.0.1 – Hotfix and Additions

  • Fixed “_props” error – Was linked to KS-23 not generating properly, removed KS-23 from loadouts temporarily
  • Updated Gunsmith quests and quest text (by PieShade, ty ty) ! Fixed size of weapon parts

  • Starting Profile overhauls (More details to come at the bottom of post)
  • Added helmet expansion into bot loadouts
  • Faction Version of Shturman – Shturman now has chance for different/more gear
  • Small SMGs can now fit into holster slot! MP-9, MP-9N, MP5-K, MP7A1, MP7A2, PP-9, PP-91 Kedr, PP-91 Kedr-B, PP-21

  • THICC items and THICC weapons cases reverted back to normal
  • Docs case changed to 3×3, 3×3
  • Ammo case – removed one row of storage
  • Grenade case changed to 4×4, 4×4
  • Icase reverted back to normal – Keytool size change to 5×5, 5×5
  • Lucky Scav junkbox – Reverted size back to normal with addition of 6×6 storage for gas tanks
  • Medcase – Added 2 additional rows to middle storage areas. Changes to what can go where, morphine can now only go in injector slot, cms and surgical kit can now go in kit section.
  • Money case changed to 5×5, 8×8 – 5×5 section only holds money, 8×8 holds bit coins, GP coins, and trade tokens
  • Mr. Holodilnick thermobag – Size decreased to 8×8, 4×4
  • Weapon case – slightly reduced – Can now hold 6×2 (extra long assault rifle), four 5×2 (4 normal assault rifles), and 6×1 (extra long sniper slot)

  • Edge of darkness – All normal but removed all the junk/weird placement of items by BSG
  • Do people actually use Left behind and prepare to escape??
  • Standard Edition is replaced by “Nightmare” – Extremely small stash, half HP, 35,000 rubles, $250 USD, unable to use secured containers, and more (This mode is still WIP, more features to come!)

Version 2.0.1

  • Overhauled Scav loadouts! Scavs will have access to more guns than PMCs, but not advanced attachments like PMCs and will have completely random ammo types. Armor, rigs, backpacks have also been reworked!
  • THE PUNISHER IS BACK!!!! With upgraded weaponry!!
  • Reshala and his goons got some fancy new armor!
  • Minor adjustments and tweaks to PMC loadouts.
  • Helmet attachment expansion! Use Altyn facecover on Maska helmet or caiman visor on fastmt and many more! Check screenshots below!
  • Introduction of ballistic googles and glasses. These are Glass type, level 1 protection, that will stop fragmentation shrapnel from getting in your eyes! Check screenshots below!
  • Changes to all other glasses in-game – Now help protect your eyes from flashbangs!
  • Introduction of “Nugent” trader – Nugent sells/trades for USD, mainly NATO weapons, but also has barter trades for some fancy new cases too!
  • Minor changes to PMC spawns
  • Changes to smoke grenades, making them more useful!
  • Included template docs and other documentation

Version 2.0.0

This update features complete overhauls to PMC loudouts!

Stock loadouts in JET have around 1,700 lines. The new loudouts have over 6,200 each!! You will also now see Bear PMCs using more RU weapons and USEC using more NATO weapons! All the missing weapons, like the vector, mk-18, ash-12, etc are now included in PMC loadouts, as well as the arsenal guns!!

Version 1.9.9

  • Adjustments to all difficulties
  • Fixed PMC behaviors
  • Removed duped killa from interchange
  • Kedr variant – Chambered for 9×21
  • Adding TSVL-8 and parts. Sniper chambered for .338 lapua magnum
  • Compass slot repurposed and can now hold keytools
  • Mossburg 20 gauge variant
  • M14 – Assault rifle 7.62×51
  • Micro Draco AK pistol and expansion of AK-74U compatibility

  • Removed ak-308 (was not ready yet)
  • Removed builder stocks from TSVL-8
  • Fixed PP-21 showing as pistol