Patch Notes – 2.0.7

Dynamic Enemy System

The dynamic enemy system is a complete overhaul of AI generation. This new system reads the level of the player and spawns AI according to you players current level. All AI, even bosses, will be generated with better equipment as you gain levels through the game. Paired together with the Dynamic Trader system and flea market restrictions, this makes for an amazing experience. This system completely changes the current pace of JET and will prolong the experience for you! We highly suggest you start a new profile for this patch!

  • Enemy level brackets – The generator is now broken up into level brackets starting from 0 and going to 70. These brackets go like so, level 0-10, level 10-20, level 20-30, and so on. When your character reaches level 10, this will open level 10-20 bracket for AI, but will not exclude lower level brackets. This will bring more challenge and variety to the game experience.
  • Game Pacing – Since high end equipment will no longer be available to low level players, this will slow the pace of Altered Escape and will increase the challenge overall. Advancing trader standings also become much more important to the player.
  • Configuration – Of course, if you would rather use completely random generation or semi-random generation, there are configuration settings included in this version. These are located in server/user/configs/gameplay.json

Classic Mode

Due to the amount of people modifying (and most of the time breaking their game) we’ve included “Classic Mode”. Classic Mode will set the traders and flea market back to standard JET reverting to normal style traders and flea market without losing any other features of Altered Escape!

  • To enable “Classic Mode” – Extract the zip file “AlteredEscape-Classic” located in the server mods folder. The location of this file is… Server/user/mods

Starting Profile Overhaul

The profiles that are included with Escape From Tarkov, don’t really fit the idea that we are going for with Altered Escape, so we have completely overhauled them for a more realistic start!

In Altered Escape, you are a private military contractor that is being inserted into the “Special Economic Zone of Norvinsk”. Therefore these new profiles will reflect that. Each new profile is now a “Class” for what your character was trained in before deploying to the combat zone. Your class will only start what you can carry on your back and will have upgraded skills related to training. Of course, we will be leaving one profile “Edge of Darkness” for players that do not want to use the new classes.

  • Assault – General infantry class. Assault rifles and combat skills
  • Recon – Scout class, marksman/sniper rifles and covert skills
  • Medic – Combat medic class, SMGs and medicinal skills
  • Specialist – Specialist class, various skills
  • Edge of Darkness – Normal EOD profile

Other changes, additions, and fixes

This is a list of everything else

  • Fixed dupe ID error and re-enabled scav mode
  • Included proper version of Melon Loader and modules with download
  • Mixed ammunition fix
  • Additional low level armor variants added
  • Fixed Jaeger re-locking
  • Fixed Water filter consumption
  • Fixed 12.11 assets to work with old equipment
  • Added “SamSwat’s” Benelli m1014 shotgun – 12 gauge and 20 gauge
  • Many additions to Nugent trader
  • Additional changes and tweaks to difficulties
  • Updates/changes to a few weapons in Kovacs Arsenal
  • Removed Eli, Ocelot, and woody traders
  • Fixed Mossberg 20 gauge
  • Additional loot customization options for bots
  • Removed the ability to stack Silver GP coins
  • Massive amount of compatibility fixes across the board for new items
  • More stuff that I missed/forgot to include in these notes lol

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