Estam Nar’s Ironman Challenge

The Ironman Challenge server is dedicated to giving you the most hardcore and punishing version of Altered Escape available! On this server, when in raid, if you die… you literally die!

Current Version

Altered Escape Client 12.9.10988

Connection IP – (IP/Port goes here)

(Anti-Cheat Info here)

Discussion and Support

Major Features

  • Soft wipe upon death – Your level, skills, quests, and more are wiped back to 0
  • Extremely small stash
  • No traders, No flea market
  • No insurance
  • Ironman Profile – Start with only a pistol and one magazine

Upcoming Features

  • Leader-board system
  • Anti-cheat / client verification system
  • Seasonal themes and tournaments

Do you have what it takes to survive Ironman?!

If you would like to support with a direct donation to Estam Nar, click the button below! You can also join the Altered Escape Patreon to support the entire Project with a monthly subscription!