What is Altered Escape?

Where-as JET is trying to achieve the retail online experience of EFT, Altered Escape is my attempt to create a more story driven single player type of experience for EFT. More things will be tailored directly toward the player. The enemies will get harder, not only because of the gear they have, but their difficulty and combat tactics will get better based on your players level.

Each new patch for Altered Escape will bring new gear, enemies, storylines, quests, and maybe even map changes to the game.

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How can you help?

If you really enjoy what I’m trying to do here, there are many different ways to help.

You can offer financial support via my patreon and you’ll get some extra benefits from doing so.

You can be a promoter, sharing videos, images, and spreading word of my projects!

You can offer moderation services, managing discord servers, websites, and other platforms!

You can become a tester (very limited capacity) to test upcoming features and patches!

You can directly join development and help bring my ideas and projects to life!

Thank you for being a part of these amazing things!!

Everything you gonna see in this website is for learning and entertainment purposes only. Every file you download from here, you use on your own risk!