Compatible Mods

This mods are supported and compatible with Altered Escape Mod and the team. These mods have also been endorsed by Kovacs and the Altered Escape Team.

Ironman Mod

Author – Estam Nar

Based on his custom personal server build.
UPDATE 1.0.2 – Patched for compatibility with Kovacs Altered Escape v2.0.2 (Thanks to Cannabis~!)

The purpose of this mod is to dramatically increase the difficulty of the vanilla JET experience with changes in non-raid systems, rather than bot AI or loot generation. With the included Ironman profile (select able in the editions drop down on profile created/wipe), you start with only a 9mm pistol. You will find no rest or relaxation while not in a raid, storage space is at a premium, all the traders have abandoned you and taken your Flea Market access with them… And if you die… it really is game over, resetting you back to day 1.

Download from Github

Removin and Customizin

Author – Kyodan / King

Version 1.0.0 (05.09.2021) By King

This mod allows you remove restrictions from backpacks and secure cases, and in-raid item restrictions such as the number of items that can be on ones’ person.

Download from Github

Instant Deploy

Author – King

This mod removes countdown before raid (Local) timer

Download from Github


Author – King

“Quality of Life” is a specific set of user experience tweaks to make game as “realistic as playable”.
**If you have Removin' and Customizin' and/or Instant Deploy, delete them.

Download from Github