Candor Mod Manager

This is Candor Mod Manager created by ShadowChild. It have been adopted for use for JET by Kovacs. Links to ShadowChild and his projects are at the bottom.

What it is – Candor Mod Manager is a universal mod management system. It allows you to toggle mods on and off with a flip of a switch. Also, you no longer need to extract/move/delete files from your JET server directory.

How to install – Download and extract Candor Mod Manager anywhere on your computer.

How to use – Upon first launch of Candor, you’ll see this….

Click Load New Game. Next you will see this….

Click the three … in the top right and attach Candor to Server.exe OR JET.Launcher.exe

For the bottom line, click the three … again, but this time navigate to your JET server mods folder (JETdir/Server/user/Mods) and attach the mods folder to this. Also, make sure to check “Mod Requires Extracting?” as shown below

Now, create a new directory on your computer to store your JET mods. This folder can be anywhere, this is just to store your zipped mod files. As shown below…

Remember, leave the mods in a zipped file!

Next, in Candor click “Add mods” and choose the mod you would like to add. In this case, I added “Estam’s Ironman mod” and “Kovac’s Arsenal Mod”. When adding the mod, you are prompted to change the name, feel free to give it whatever name you’d like to use, it does not effect the function of the mod.

Done. Now you can toggle mods on/off without losing any files or changing anything in your server.

At the moment, the features for the “Game” drop down does not work. This feature will be coming in the future.


Candor Mod Manager Github
ShadowChild Github
Innoxium Github
Innoxium Discord