Announcement 07/08/2021

Patch 2.0.7 – Information

Patch 2.0.7 is very nearly complete! We are doing final testing and polish on it now! We are extremely excited to get this patch out to you guys and really hope you guys enjoy it as much as we do.

Dynamic Bot Generation

All bot inventories and load outs are now dynamically spawned based from your player level! What this means, is that the enemies will get better gear as you level up and you will no longer see bots with super high-end gear until you are a higher level. This system will drastically change the gameplay for players. When you pair this Dynamic system with the trader overhaul and flea market changes from our last patch, it makes for a fantastic game experience and slows the game pace down with an even better feeling of progression.

How does it work?

With dynamic bot generation, each bot class is now broken up into level brackets going from 0-10, 10-20, 20-30, 30-40, 40-50, 50-60, 60-70. Each inventory bracket has been built painstakingly by hand and all the different types of guns have been separated and now will spawn on their related faction. USEC PMCs will now be carrying NATO type weapons, where-as BEAR PMCs will now be carrying RU type weapons, and scavs will carry a hoge-poge of weapons sometimes with missing parts as scavs should.


If your character is level 56, you will see bots generating with 0-10, 10-20, 20-30, 40-50, and 50-60 inventories. If you run into a bot level 50, this bot will be equipped with much better guns and equipment, than its level 11 counterpart.

This Dynamic bot system also effects bosses and followers!! The bosses in Altered Escape 2.0.7 will get better equipment (and drop better loot) as you level up! But, we didn’t want to completely change the theme of the boss, so their equipment will keep the same “theme” (AKA killa will have his signature armor and weapon types), but will get better ammo/mods/etc as you get higher in levels.

There is a config to turn these features on/off.

Benelli M4 Super 90

In Altered Escape 2.0.7, we are please to present to you… The Benelli M4 Super 90 semi-auto 12 gauge shotgun! This is an amazing detailed shotgun with all new custom parts, done by AKI Modder SamSwat! He has allowed us to include this fantastic mod in our upcoming release! If you would like to check out all of his work, you can see is AKI modding profile here!

I’ve been making significant headway on importing meshes and new bundles into the game, so you can expect to see some completely new custom items in the future! Here is just a preview of a few things i’ve been working on…

This is just a few of the models I’ve been working with and are all WIP, but I hope I can be success on importing some of these new things into EFT!

Going forward!

After patch version 2.0.7, the team is going to shift our focus to helping prep AE for JET 12.11 and to assist the JET team with getting a stable release available! During this time, not only are we helping the JET team, but we are also working on cleaning up the AE server/client files to make editing configs and other things easier and more flexible for the players. We are also in talks with Config Freaks about setting up and maintaining dedicated servers for AE. This would not only include the “Fun server”, but also a normal AE server, and a hardcore tournament style server!

Altered Escape Launcher!

Another project in the works is a brand new Altered Escape / JET launcher system! With our new launcher, you will be able to access EVERYTHING from one screen!! You can add multiple servers to the AE launcher and it will even tell you if they are online or not!

Add Server – With this button you can add many different servers to the launcher! You can add different servers to the list, local or via IP. You can even add different types of local servers! For example, you could add local AE and local JET and launch/connect to different ones with the click of a button!

Mod Manager – The AE launcher will have Candor Mod Manager built into it. So you can add your downloaded mods to the candor mod folder and turn them on/off with just a click of a button!

Auto-Update – The long sought after auto-update feature is finally coming with the new launcher system! You will still need to have the require client version, but the AE launcher will download JET/AE files and updates automatically and place them where they need to be! This will also help verify the integrity of your installation and fix any corrupted files!


There is a video being done by the famous Tarkov Streamer Eroktic, featuring an interview with our very own and awesome Maoci! Don’t have to many details about it, but the preview for this interview is in the link below! There will be another announcement when this video is officially released.

Eroktic Preview Video
Eroktic Youtube Channel

Kovacs IRL

I was planning on switching my career from LG to Amazon, but I have run into some issues with the move to Amazon. I’m trying to get them resolved, but for the moment I am in-between jobs and my finances are going to be very tight, so I will be unable to do any giveaways or other events like that. The bonus is, I now have a lot of time to spend working on AE! During my time off, I have actually been applying for remote positions (as well as trying to get my own small company up and running) to be able to spend more time at home and working on this project.

Thanks to everyone! You guys make this project an absolute blast to make and we love doing it!!

If you like what we are doing and want to help out, you’ll find the link below! Subscribers do get benefits including behind the scenes of what we are doing, access to private chat and videos, direct involvement with development, merchandise, and more!

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  1. OOOOOH! I’m so HYPED!!! Thanks for all the hard work guys, really appreciate you you guys are the best JET and AE team are the GODs!

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    just to get it: Is it possible to play online together with friends?
    Means: I host a server, every launcher connecting to it and we can “raid” together? (Also question about: Can other players who connect to the server join the same session as scav after the raid is started)

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