Additions coming to Subscribers!

Well, this deserves a news post I believe. A very big thing has happened in the “offline tarkov” universe, a representative with AKI has been speaking with the JET branch communities. This is a good thing! Could have the chance to work together, or not, but at least ease the hostility.

But anyway, onto the Altered Escape News – Additions are coming to Patreon Subscribers!! These new additions will tie into the Altered Escape Store when it is launched. The subscriber additions include two different things…

One-time Delivery – People that subscribe to Tier 2 or higher will get a one time delivery of Official Altered Escape Merchandise after three months with an active subscription!

Loyalty Program – People that subscribe to our new loyalty program, not only get the one-time delivery bonuses, but they also receive additional Merchandise from the loyalty system for up to one whole year! The merchandise from our loyalty program will not be available in the AE store or anywhere else!

Remember, Subscribers already get inside access to our work and even get to play test before release!

Want to become a Subscriber? –> Click Here

We are still hard at work on the new patch and it should be available soon! Thanks for being apart of this amazing project!

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