Altered Escape is a complete overhaul for Escape from Tarkov, made possible by JustEmuTarkov and the melonloader module by Config Freaks.

Altered Escape raises the bar for EFT emulators. Increased difficulty and more realistic AI, dynamic traders and restricted flea market, fixes to many problems within the database, over 15 new weapons, new equipment, new items, and so much more!


  • Dynamic Enemy System – Complete overhaul to the AI generation system. You will now fight enemies that scale with your character level.
  • Dynamic Trader System – Traders will sell out of equipment and have randomized stock.
  • Custom Trader “Nugent” – Ex-military trades in civilian equipment and hunting gear
  • Flea Market Restrictions – Flea market now requires and access key. The key will grant you 5 mins of access.
  • Completely new starting profiles
  • Tons of new equipment, including around 15 new weapons
  • Many, many other features, for hardcore style players as well as casuals!

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